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Who are we?

Dr. Eddie’s Academy is a unique online community that connects leaders, who desire holistic development and empowerment in our proven F.I.R.S.T. model.

Why choose this community? 

If you desire to be empowered

in the areas of Faith, Identity, Relationships, and Speaker Training, then this academy is 

tailor-made for you.

How do we do this? 

This online digital space will serve to curate a community connection that fosters empowerment via wisdom through masterclasses, workshops, and training sessions.

Is this for you? 

This academy is for women and men who desire to enhance and strengthen their personal and professional development.

A Message from our Founder

Dr. Eddie 

Here you'll get more insight on what to expect when you join our Academy:

Here's what you'll get

Let's take a deeper dive into your membership benefits

Weekly Trainings

Come prepared to be empowered and equipped by Dr. Eddie to enhance your growth interpersonally. 

Masterclass Access

Receive full access to exclusive masterclass trainings that will lift your life to the next level.

Private Community

One of the secrets to your success is in being surrounded by

like-minded people. So, we've spent a ton of effort connecting people from all over the world under one digital roof. 

Members Portal

Get immediate access to the exclusive Facebook group and your personal members portal, which includes your own username and password. No delay, you can be empowered right away!

Weekly Q&A

w/ Dr. Eddie

Each week join Dr. Eddie and ask any questions pertaining to all things related to our F.I.R.S.T. model. Get answers to your deepest questions and make connections with other members as well!

Exclusive Incentives

Depending on your membership you can choose to get discounts on Dr. Eddie's Academy merchandise and any of his newly released books. 

Product Discounts

Our teammates and ambassadors receive huge savings by being here with us! You too can get in on the amazing discounts for Dr. Eddie's future books.

Global Community

Join us and network with gifted leaders locally and globally, in our Academy community. Your network determines your networth. Enrich your relationships by joining our community today.

Here at Dr. Eddie's Academy, we focus on a 5-step success path to empower you from where you are to where you desire to be. Here's a breakdown of our F.I.R.S.T. model!

  • F - FAITH

    Spiritual development and enrichment is vital to your interpersonal growth. Learn how to strengthen your relationship with God in our sessions.

    Stage 1

  • Stage 2


    Knowing who you are is a key factor to pursuing what you desire to achieve. Discover how to tap into your purpose and identity.


    Your relationships are a mirror reflection of the one that you have with yourself. Learn our signature strategy of love, leadership, and leveraging your purpose to build healthy relationships.

    Stage 3

  • Stage 4


    Public speaking is the #1 fear in the world. Let me teach you how to face your fears and communicate with confidence. Learn how to adopt the art of communication and perfect your message masterfully.


    As you join Dr. Eddie in his weekly training sessions you will be empowered, educated, purpose driven, healed, confident, prepared, strengthened, and adopt a renewed mind for the future.

    Stage 5

"Challenges create champions. You have to remain resilient  and make an investment in the change you desire to see."

Dr. Eddie Connor

Founder of Dr. Eddie's Academy


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What People are Saying

Here's what people are saying about our trainings and masterclasses:

Jasmine Jones

Dr. Connor shares empowering messages. The wisdom from a man’s perspective has encouraged me to be a jewel, soar like an eagle, continue to grow, and nurture my Queendom.

Taquila Coleman

Dr. Connor empowers people to love themselves and recognize their value. He shares practical wisdom on developing your purpose and becoming a person of substance.

Kim Brooks

Dr. Connor's words breathe life into a woman's soul and spirit with refreshing insight on relationships.

Experience it and prepare to be transformed from the inside out!

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are questions, we have answers. Check out the FAQ's below. 

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